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Benefits of Karate

Canada Zenkuren Wado Karate Association

What are the Benefits of Karate?

The Canadian ZenKuRen Wado Karate Association (CZWKA) is the Canadian Headquarters for JKF Wado Kai in Canada approved by the Japan Karate Federation Wado-Kai.

The C.Z.W.K.A. was established during 1998 at the request of senior Directors of the JKF Wado Kai Headquarters in Tokyo, for an authentic, Wado Kai organization that is directly affiliated with JKF Wado Kai Headquarters and with Karate Canada. The founding directors were Ms. Norma Foster (Vancouver, BC), Mr. Roger Bartosh (Montreal, QC), Mr. Flavio Iammarino (Niagara Falls, ON) and Mr. Barry Welch (Calgary, AB).

It is the only association recognized by the JKF Wado-Kai as teaching authentic Wado Kai karate in Canada.

We are a vibrant national non-profit corporation federally registered in Ottawa by letters patent. We presently have JKF WADO KAI approved branches in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

The Association provides its members with quality technical instruction, training and competitive opportunities in Canada, the U.S.A. and Japan.

Our members can attempt examinations for Dan (black belt) grades, Instructor certifications, and Referee certifications. Practical examinations for Dan grades up to third degree proceed in Canada.

The CZWKA maintains close relationships with other karate associations, athletes, and coaches within Canada and beyond, which enables its members to access a high quality of technical leadership and training. Our members can visit numerous Wadokai clubs in Japan and compete in large tournaments, including the Wadokai World Cup. We are a mixture of peoples, backgrounds, gender and creeds, and we welcome all who wish to study karate to join us.

Self Defense and Wado Ryu

Training your body/training your brain creates instinctive behavior resulting in self defense

There are times when the application of physical self-defense is required and karate students learn how to defend themselves appropriately. Through training and practice karateka’s (students) develop the skills necessary to take action through finely honed muscle memory skills and defend themselves with the appropriate degree and application of force. The goal is to not destroy the attacker but to disable them while protecting yourself!

Self defense is also more than physical capabilities. The messages that we give off through our body language and spacial awareness communicates to others that we are not an easy target.

Through the utilization of calm, open and confident communication, a potential threatening situation can be de-escalated.

The best defense is not having to engage in physical conflict!

Full Body Workout

Karate involves a full body workout through repetitive movements

Karate involves a full-body workout, and consistent practice has been shown to increase overall mobility, improve body pressure response, and increase muscle development. Because karate involves repeat muscular actions, over time you’ll build strength, burn fat, lose weight, and achieve a higher level of fitness.

Repetitive movements like punches, kicks, stances, footwork, and groundwork improve flexibility, coordination, and mobility, which ultimately improve posture, allowing for better freedom of movement, reducing muscle soreness and tension, improving relaxation of the mind and body, reducing the risk of injury, and ultimately benefiting your overall health.

Physical Health

Improved overall health through high intensity interval training (HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been shown to produce lower blood pressure and heart rates. Participants in karate also enjoy the benefits of HIIT and can improve overall heart health, lower cholesterol, and achieve more regulated blood sugar and insulin levels.

Mental Health

Thought focused training can help to lower stress levels and protect critical memory and thinking skills

Did you know that practicing karate can help relieve stress? Often, reducing stress is accomplished through mindfulness (controlling your breathing and thoughts) and focusing on the present, on things you can control. Karate, through its physical training, also emphasizes being in complete control of your breathing and thoughts and being mindful!

As an added benefit, Recent research showed that aerobic exercise (like karate) actually produces a physical change in the brain that changes the brain in ways that protect memory and thinking skills.

Self Discipline

Karate is your personal journey to discover what your body and mind is capable of

Karate is a personal journey where the practitioner discovers the power of their own physical and mental capabilities. Although your Sensei provides you with knowledge and skill development techniques they can’t do it for you, achieving your karate goals depends on you.

It is through self discipline that individuals realize increased self-esteem and confidence and is something that karateka’s of all ages enjoy. Whether it’s for you or your child, karate can help you with your interactions at work, with family and in school environments or life in general.

Social Skills

Training and interacting in a team environment with similarly focused students

Karate can also help you develop social skills. This is because of the team environment. You’re working alongside people with the same goals as you, learning and growing together.
This is especially beneficial for children. In karate classes, they’ll be able to learn how to resolve conflicts, make new friends, show and receive respect and show compassion.